Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Salute To A Legend

There was in him determination
To pass his examination,
Whether academic or life
Which would have been a tough ride.

But still there was a beam of light,
Coming through the darkest night,
Giving him hope to fight
And an ability of foresight.

Never getting disappointed,
Even though he may be piped.
Always ready for the next task
Irrespective of the time vast.

He came out with colours of success
And made a recognition perhaps.

He was not ordinary
Who built a private a refinery
And made a name worldwide
By building a vast empire.

But who was he ?
He was not a king
Now was he a superman.

He was a lion,
Who roared ouf his den.
The roar was loud
That made India proud.

So here is the story of a man
Who showed if you dream you can.
He was noneother then Dhirubhai Ambani himself.

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