Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Trees are the best gift that God has given us.
But how long will they live on earth?
Man is cutting the trees down
And the earth is becoming a vast open ground.

Trees are the best friends of human
But look to them what have we done.
Trees are soul of our life
But today they need shelter from us to thrive.

There is call for humanity
To enable our friends to live with dignity.
So live and let them live
Thereby returning our earth it's true beauty.

Song of love

When love happens to you,
It strikes like a flu.
Everything around you changes,
Giving your heart a pleasant twist.

Every day seems to be a new day,
Filling your heart with gay.
Song of love hums on your lips,
Giving your ears a pleasant treat.

Your night are full of dreams,
Visualising youself with him.
The happiness it brings
Fills your soul till brim.

You want the magic to go on
And wish it's never gone;
Until one day you realise
IT's nothing more then a fiction ride...........

An illusion

glancing around from where i stood,

there was an unending vastness.

scare had crippled my heart

and lonliness embraced me.

capturing sight of flower radiating happiness

feeling of soothiness swept over me.

Feeling of lonliness was forgotten

And i was enticed towards it.

It seemed eternal but could not get the flower

When a strange realisation dawned me

that it was no more then an illusion.

And once more more lonliness had engulfed me ...........................

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Salute To A Legend

There was in him determination
To pass his examination,
Whether academic or life
Which would have been a tough ride.

But still there was a beam of light,
Coming through the darkest night,
Giving him hope to fight
And an ability of foresight.

Never getting disappointed,
Even though he may be piped.
Always ready for the next task
Irrespective of the time vast.

He came out with colours of success
And made a recognition perhaps.

He was not ordinary
Who built a private a refinery
And made a name worldwide
By building a vast empire.

But who was he ?
He was not a king
Now was he a superman.

He was a lion,
Who roared ouf his den.
The roar was loud
That made India proud.

So here is the story of a man
Who showed if you dream you can.
He was noneother then Dhirubhai Ambani himself.

An Optimist Flower

I look into the eyes of the sun
to feel the warmth of life.
I am enticed towards it
to welcome life with open arms.
I never look down;
For if i chose to see my shadow
my eyes will get burried under the layers of past
And my eyes will never be able to sustain
the brightness that can change my life atlast.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


There are
are certain gifts we preserve,
There are certain
things we remember.
But there are some moments
that gets embedded in our soul
Making us more richer
and our life more valuable.

Jigna parekh.

Monday, September 3, 2007

My feelings

There is hope in my heart,
Search in my eyes,
Fragrance of love in my breath
And fondness in my mind.

With rise in day there
is dawn in my heart
A feeling in my eyes
Which can never die.

The hope of seeing him
Atleast before sleeping,
Never gets faded
Though the day gets ended.

But still in my dreams
which are my treasures
I see through my soul
The day when i will get my pleasure.

Yes, there is hope in my heart,
Search in my eyes,
Fragrance of loive in my breath
And fondness in my mind.

Jigna Parekh.